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Karting NSW Guidelines to Reduce COVID-19 Risk at Sanctioned Events – UPDATED 26th June...

Karting (New South Wales) Inc is the recognised State Sporting Organisation (SSO) for the sport of karting in New South Wales by the New South Wales Office of Sport. Read the Guidelines here.

Shoosh for Kids – Let’s keep kids coming back to junior sport!

Karting NSW is working with the Office of Sport this winter season to promote positive behaviour to members, clubs and associations. The general rule is if you haven’t got anything nice to say, not to say anything...

Karting NSW Newsletter

Please view the latest Karting NSW Newsletter attached.

Karting NSW Chairman Appointed

MEDIA RELEASE06 March 2020APPOINTMENT OF NEW CHAIR Karting (New South Wales) Inc (KNSW) has appointed Ms Ilona Alsters as its new Chair, effective 02 March 2020. Ms Alsters has extensive experience...